Murtabak at Singapore Zam Zam

Murtabak at Singapore Zam Zam

Singapore Zam Zam is probably the most popular Muslim restaurant in Singapore. It is located on Arab Street, just opposite the Sultan Mosque and if you sit on one of the small tables outside you can enjoy the view of the mosque as well as do some people watching of the passers by - it is an experience by itself and we enjoyed it very much. There are two floors inside - spacious and air conditioned for the times when the weather is too hot or too wet.

The restaurant menu is quite extensive with biryani and goreng variants, an array of curries and prata meals, but we are coming for the highlight - the murtabak. To make murtabak they stretch a piece of dough very thin, put stuffing in the middle - minced meat with onion, spices and egg, then fold the dough over it and pan fry. Kind of like a pancake or maybe an omlette with meat and dough. The result is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, full of flavor and perfectly spiced mouth watering meal. It comes with some sliced vegetables and hot sauce to complement the taste.

There are several options for the stuffing - mutton, beef, chicken and deer - and now, we have tried them all. Every variant is delicious with beef and chicken being more regular, mutton has its own heavier flavor and is the one that we like the most - goes great with the spices they use. Deer is good too, but was a bit of a let down when we tried it first as it doesn't add much to the overall taste of the dish.

The waiters are all smiles, ready to recommend the best bits of the menu and will make jokes, adding to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The kitchen is open to the street and we enjoyed looking at how they prepare the food and in particular the murtabak - stretching the dough thin with practiced movements, almost too hard to follow, putting the stuffing and cooking to perfection.